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Sun, Apr 18, 2021
Series: Obedience
Duration: 34 mins 15 secs
Sun, Jan 17, 2021
Series: Knowing God
Duration: 28 mins 50 secs
Sun, Aug 16, 2020
Series: Comunication
Duration: 38 mins 6 secs
Sun, Mar 15, 2020
Passage: 1 Samuel 10
Series: Prayer
Duration: 45 mins 26 secs
Sun, Nov 17, 2019
Series: Prayer
Duration: 59 mins 34 secs
Sun, Jul 28, 2019
Series: Commitment
Duration: 28 mins 58 secs
Do we know what is the work of the Lord and are we doing it?
Sun, Nov 18, 2018
Passage: 1 Samuel
Duration: 48 mins 33 secs
What can we learn from Samuel's life? Listen along to hear some practical applications we can apply to our lives.
Sun, Aug 19, 2018
Passage: John 17:1-26
Series: Prayer
Duration: 32 mins 20 secs
Brother Ben Myers challenges us to pray as Jesus prayed, remembering to thank and glorify God in our prayers.
Sun, Apr 22, 2018
Series: Jesus Christ
Duration: 1 hr 7 mins 10 secs
Brother Ben Meyers review the events of the passion week, contemplating the most monumental moments of Christ's time on this earth.
Sun, Jan 21, 2018
Series: Faith
Duration: 28 mins 5 secs
Brother Ben Myers calls us to be people of practical faith and action!