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Wilmer Funk
Sun, Mar 17, 2019
Passage: Matthew 28:19
Series: Commitment
Duration: 51 mins 3 secs
Human tendency is to preserve and protect what we have, which is the opposite of what Jesus teaches - Jesus calls us to go out and advance his kingdom.
Wilmer Funk
Sun, Jan 06, 2019
Passage: Psalm 16:11
Series: Discipleship
Duration: 42 mins 38 secs
Rick Yeager
Sun, Dec 30, 2018
Duration: 41 mins 32 secs
God has created us with the privilege to make choices. Are we making choices that will lead us to life or choices that will lead to death?
Jonas Landis
Sun, Dec 23, 2018
Duration: 31 mins 1 sec
Christ is coming. Are we developing that closer relationship with Christ?
Byron Wadel
Sun, Dec 16, 2018
Series: Finances
Duration: 38 mins 41 secs
This message challenges us to take a look at how we view our wealth.
Wilmer Funk
Sun, Dec 09, 2018
Duration: 47 mins 57 secs
This message from 1 Corinthians 11 shows us the proper order of life that can bring Glory to God.
Earl Horst
Sun, Dec 02, 2018
Passage: 2 Peter 2:1-2
Series: Discipleship
Duration: 1 hr 2 mins 8 secs
We are encouraged on how to be strong and grow in Christ in our world today.
Ben Myers
Sun, Nov 18, 2018
Passage: 1 Samuel
Duration: 48 mins 33 secs
What can we learn from Samuel's life? Listen along to hear some practical applications we can apply to our lives.
Donald Brechbill
Sun, Nov 04, 2018
Series: Discipleship
Duration: 58 mins 50 secs
Do we understand the beauty and glory of being men and women of grace?
Clyde Lehman
Sun, Oct 28, 2018
Series: Obedience
Duration: 40 mins 20 secs
Are little things important? We are challenged to consider that every decision in life plots a course.